Why Our Builders Are Choosing YellaWood Brand Pressure-Treated Pine

Jon Vaughan

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(Source) Homebuilders love brand name products and want quality wood for their outdoor projects, but not all products will stand up to harsh, wet climates or the test of time. For long-lasting customer satisfaction, try pressure-treated wood. It’s an outdoor building solution that will maintain its beauty for years to come. One such solution we sell a lot of is YellaWood brand’s pressure-treated pine. Famous for its “yella” end tag, Yellawood products are beautiful and durable, ensuring your client will love the outcome, every time.

The Benefits of Pressure-Treated Wood

Builders looking for outdoor lumber products that are durable and cost-effective often turn to pressure-treated wood. Some wood species are more durable than others, but wood used in outdoor applications should be pressure-treated with preservatives to ensure a longer lifetime. When wood products will come in contact with the ground, or if you’re building in a wet climate, you know the lumber will have to fight both decay and insects. YellaWood® brand products have long been trusted for outdoor building projects, even in wet, hurricane-prone regions like the Caribbean. YellaWood brand products are treated with a preservative process that combines micronized copper and an organic compound. The lumber is pressure-treated, which provides the wood with enhanced protection against rot, decay and termite attack. Benefits of the micronized copper preservative include:
  • Improved painting and staining capabilities, compared to other preservatives
  • Clean to the touch
  • No odors or fumes
  • Protection from fungal decay and insects
  • Durable
Outdoor exposure testing also shows that wood treated with micronized copper, like YellaWood products, offers superior benefits compared to other copper-based products, so builders know they’re working with high-quality materials their clients can depend on.
An outdoor living space with a fireplace as well as a wooden cover. There is a pool waterfall

Building Options With YellaWood Brand

YellaWood brand products come in South American or Southern Yellow Pine and are available in multiple lumber grades to meet the requirements of just about any project. Depending on your project specifications, YellaWood products are available in several speciality treatments, including a factory-applied water repellant or kiln dried after treatment (KDAT). The preservative process used to treat YellaWood brand products has also received a number of environmental certifications, including the highly-coveted SCS EPP-certified preservative.
A nail is drilled into a piece of wood
(Source) This means that builders can use YellaWood in all types of outdoor projects, from fencing to landscaping to decking. The treated wood will cause no environmental impacts, making it versatile enough to be used throughout the whole backyard, giving you and your client peace of mind.

What to Expect: Pressure-Treated Wood Maintenance

YellaWood is known for standing up to rot, fungal decay and termites, but all building materials need regular maintenance. Homeowners can keep their deck project looking new by cleaning it with a simple solution of mild soap and water if things get dirty or if surface mold shows up. And by applying a coating of water repellent every couple of years, the wood will continue to look good for years to come. The micronized copper treated wood also works well with paints or stains, so you can customize outdoor project designs based on client specifications. Oil-based stains and high-quality latex paints are best but always check with the finish manufacturer before applying any treatments to the wood.
An outdoor living space with a wood deck. There are three large outdoor couches with red cushions. There is a white cement wall behind the couches

Build With YellaWood for Happier Homeowners

For homebuilding projects that your clients will love for years, YellaWood brand gives builders solutions for outdoor applications that stand up to harsh climates and maintain their natural beauty for a lifetime. Whether your client needs to replace their fence or wants to install a deck for summer entertaining, you can find wood products that will help those projects become a reality. To find out how YellaWood products can contribute to the beauty in your next outdoor project, contact Brand Vaughan Lumber, and we’ll help get you started.