As a company we partner with Boise Cascade to provide a full line of engineered wood products. All of our packages are cut on our two state of the art saws, located at our Tucker and Cumming facilities.

Engineered Wood Products

Engineered wood products (EWP) are derived from hardwoods and softwoods. The fiber particles of these woods are adhered and strengthened using moisture-resistant adhesives, forming a weather-resistant composite material that is stronger than hardwood or softwood alternatives.

EWP is constructed from sheets of cross-laminated veneer bonded through heat and pressure. Only the most durable and moisture-resistant adhesives are used. In addition, EWP is tested to meet international and national standards.

Because these products are engineered, they are available in custom sizes, using fewer materials for longer lengths. This means precise design specifications are available for all of your residential projects.

Engineered Wood Products

What Engineered Wood Products Are Available?

Our most trusted supplier of choice for almost a decade, Boise Cascade, offers a variety of engineered wood products, including VERSA-LAM ® LVL Beams & HeadersBCI ® Joists and ALLJOIST.

Boise Cascade’s EWP boasts superior strength, meaning finished construction products will include fewer seams and adhesive stains, and less job site cleanup. Floors and structures will be flatter and quieter, and the longer beams are up to 19 percent stronger than other laminated veneer lumber. Joists are smoother, reducing splintering and messy corners.

These products can work as a complete system with carefully crafted finishing touches that create an efficient and cost-effective alternative to competitors. This complete system also avoids any brand incompatibilities.

All of our engineered wood products come hand wrapped in superior protective covering, ensuring product quality from start to finish.

We can deliver anywhere in the delivery range of our 5 locations in Georgia, as well as frequently delivering into Alabama, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

ewp versa lam lvl

Versa-Lam® LVL

When you need strength, long spans, and consistency, you need Versa-Lam LVL.

ewp bci joists

BCI® Joists

Lighter weight. Longer spans. And best of all — solid floors that last.

ewp versa stud

Versa-Stud® LVL

Straight, twist-resistant framing solution for tall walls and other demanding applications.

bc joist man

AJS® Joist

AJS solid-sawn flange I-Joists are high quality, high performance floor and roof joists. Eastern U.S. and Canada only.

ewp rimboard

Boise Cascade Rimboard

Sized to fit BCI Joists and AJS Joists for faster installation and proven performance.

Boise Glulam


Versatile. Affordable. Easy to install. Whether you’re tackling extra-long spans or designing custom arches, glulam beams can provide the strength you need.

Focus on Craftsmanship

We have two state-of-the-art saws at (one in our Tucker location and one in our Cumming location) specifically made to perfectly cut engineered wood products. We also staff an experienced design team that can help make your design a reality, from the smallest project to an 18,000 sq ft mansion to an ultra-contemporary build. Between our great products and our exceptional staff, there’s no project we can’t help you with.

Top Brands we Carry

Below are the Engineered Wood products we carry at Brand Vaughan Lumber.
We carry a wide variety of interior and exterior building supplies for any project!

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