When Customer Commitment Is Par for the Course

Jon Vaughan

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Brand Vaughan Lumber was built on a foundation of business strength, and to celebrate our successes, we hold an annual Customer Appreciation Golf Tournament. The tournament is BVL’s way of thanking our customers with a bit of friendly competition (and dinner, of course). “It’s a fantastic day with our vendors and customers,” says Chip Vaughan, Brand Vaughan CEO. One of Brand Vaughan’s core values is “Strength lies within.” Through events and experiences like the Customer Appreciation Golf Tournament, we can better demonstrate to our customers what our values really mean.
Brand Vaughan Lumber Employee Culture
Brand Vaughan has taken steps to improve our business and culture for the employees, customers and partners we serve. We do that by staying true to our values, and that means developing relationships with our customers that they won’t forget. Events like our golf outing make for an afternoon of fun, but they’re also a way to give customers an experience that means something to them. “I feel like I’m part of the family, and I feel that there are not many businesses left like that,” said Dave Donnelly of Donnelly Residential, who attended the golf outing. On the day of the Customer Appreciation Golf Tournament, customers and vendors get time to play golf and a chance to compete with Chip and Jon Vaughan on the course. The evening is spent together over dinner, with an awards ceremony and raffle.
Golf Course
Building a business that’s customer-centric means having high standards for service that are communicated across the entire company. The construction industry is known for its inefficiencies, but Brand Vaughan’s quick delivery and extra mile service have helped them keep customers for years. The entire company is a part of the service-focused commitment that BVL makes to our customers. From the crew that’s out on the yard to our truck drivers, the entire team at Brand Vaughan understands how important customer service is for the success of the company. “It takes pressure off the builder to know that the products are correct and high quality,” says Chris Ketchum in Operations, “so they can get their job done quickly, without any hangups on Brand Vaughan’s side.” If we say we’ll deliver an order today, customers know it will be there on time, because they can trust our team members. “They have integrity like nobody else; when they say they’re going to do something, they do it … and they do it very well,” says Brian Schuster of Home South Communities, who attended the golf tournament. This mission of extra mile service isn’t just about a day on the golf course, but a long-term goal with a focus on sustainable growth across all areas of our company.
Brand Vaughan has been able to maintain success over the years because of its commitment to quality across the entire company. Our focus is on the team we’re building and the customers we serve because it’s people-focused growth that’s sustainable, in our opinion. “Any company that wants to survive in the future will need to create a supportive work-life balance environment — especially if the company is in the construction industry,” writes Jenny Snook for GoContractor. “These benefits can help construction companies beat what may be considered the top challenge in the industry today — recruiting and retaining experienced, highly skilled construction workers.”
Brand Vaughan Lumber Team Meeting
BVL works hard to care for our customers with extra-mile service and is just as committed to our team members. Just a few of our programs include team outings, employee training and opportunities to give back. Jon Vaughan also launched the Java with Jon program, where employees are invited to share ideas and feedback with him on a regular basis.
Investing this kind of attention in the people we serve, we believe, has given them more reason to stick around. “The secret to our legacy of success? It’s our team, and we wouldn’t be where we are at today without them,” explains Chip Vaughan. Because of the people-focused investments we’ve made in the last few years, Brand Vaughan was awarded one of Atlanta’s top 50 mid-sized workplaces by the AJC in both 2019 and in 2020.
Golf Ball on Golf Course
The Golf Tournament was a great way to celebrate our successes with the community and our customers, and we’re looking forward to celebrating more. “The best part [of the Tournament] is visiting with our customers, thanking them and just spending a day with them,” said Chip. To learn more about how Brand Vaughan has maintained its success and integrity over the years, you can read more about our company and its programs here.