We Did It Again: BVL Recognized Among Atlanta’s Top 50 Workplaces in 2020

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Brand Vaughan Lumber is excited to report that, for the second year in a row, we’ve been recognized as one of the Top 50 Workplaces in Atlanta. Out of thousands of nominations, Brand Vaughan was honored once again as one of the best places to work in the metroplex.
Brand Vaughan Lumber Atlanta's Top 50 Workplaces 2020
Just a few years ago, Brand Vaughan applied for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Top Workplaces program. Each year, the AJC recognizes Atlanta-based companies that foster a successful and healthy work culture for their employees. The nomination for this award involves a detailed survey sent to all of the company’s employees, who report back on their employer’s leadership and engagement in the workplace. “The survey gathers responses to 24 factors covering seven areas,” according to AJC, “including organizational health factors relating to workplace culture. Employee engagement, company leadership and the basics (pay, benefits, flexibility, training and expectations) are among the questions.”
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The first year that Brand Vaughan applied didn’t return the results that BVL President Jon Vaughan had expected. Despite the company’s success (and later expansion) coming out of the 2008 recession, the survey results indicated that employee engagement and workplace culture needed improvement. Jon took that as his cue, and he launched the Java with Jon program, which gave BVL team members an open platform to share feedback and suggestions with their company president. After all, the best way to find out what your employees need to be happy is to ask them directly. Over the last few years, the Java with Jon program and other BVL company initiatives have helped to establish a more engaging workplace culture, where employees are better supported. Training programs, work-life balance and career development are top priorities for Brand Vaughan … and it’s clear that focus has paid off. In 2019, two years after first applying, BVL was named the 27th Top Midsized Workplace by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
Brand Vaughan has established a people-first approach to running the business, leveraging employee feedback to improve and grow the company as a whole. And this engagement starts from the moment BVL employees are hired, no matter which department or team they’re joining. “Onboarding and training new hires are some of the most important steps you can take to ensure employees are engaged at work,” writes Mike Kappel for Forbes. Brand Vaughan knows that giving its employees the tools and resources they need to excel in their roles is key to running a successful team. “Employees who can master their workload have a better shot at taking pride in what they do,” explains Mike. “Workers who are eager to meet their goals are engaged with the company.”
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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Top Workplaces award had 3,000 nominated businesses this year, and Brand Vaughan is thrilled to be recognized as a Top Midsized Workplace for the second time in 2020, moving up to the 12th spot.
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Source Brand Vaughan Lumber is continuing to strive for excellence in leadership and employee satisfaction, despite the challenges that construction companies face today. During a pivotal (and confusing) time in the industry, and even amid the current skilled labor shortage, BVL embraces these challenges as opportunities for growth. Brand Vaughan Lumber hopes to continue this legacy of success in the years that follow and looks forward to sharing more of that success with the employees who have helped us grow.