Turn-Key Doors: What’s Available and Why You Want It

Jon Vaughan

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How many doors are inside a house? Bedroom, bathroom, family room. Don’t forget the basement. And what about the closets? When you think about it, there may be more interior doors in a home than almost anything else. Each one offers privacy and some sound insulation, but after that, all interior doors are basically the same. Or are they? There’s more to a door than meets the eye. Depending on the design of a home, choosing new interior doors may not be a simple task. Doorways can be non-standard widths, the walls might be an irregular thickness and stud location can vary. A standard door and casing may not be the right fit and finding out too late can be costly. Brand Vaughan Lumber’s Norcross location includes an extensive millwork facility. We’re proud to offer full-service, turn-key interior door and trim solutions that make your project cycle time easy, ensure projects stay on schedule and on budget, and that will keep a home looking great for years to come. Our turn-key solution really is full service. You give us the set of plans and then we handle:
  • Walking the house to ensure door sizes and handing is accurate
  • Producing the doors with your desired casings and hinges
  • Delivering all of the materials on time to your site
  • Installing everything for you

It Starts With a Great Door

Man putting the final pieces of wood onto a door.
BVL stocks and sources doors from quality partners, including Masonite and Steve’s Doors. We’ve worked with them for years and know they offer a great product to suit every need. There are a wide variety of styles and finishes to choose from including:
  • 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1-panel designs
  • Smooth and textured surfaces
  • Archtop, squaretop and more to match any design style
  • Hollow core, solid core and fire-rated core
  • Mirrored backs available, both smooth and textured
  • Matching bi-fold doors
  • Sliding options for pocket and barn doors
  • Double doors with ball catch or T-astragal setups
So many options mean BVL has access to panels that will complement the home’s other design features, like windows and moldings. Many of our doors come with a five-year limited warranty, so your clients can be confident that the product will last.

Then We Make It Easy

A door is only the beginning though. From hardware to casings, BVL is here to do the heavy lifting. Our turn-key facility will customize the fit of every door to make sure it is perfect and limit delays during the installation, which we do for you.
Image of a man working at a tool rack with plywood and siding stacked in the back.
Our multiple in-house door machines and trained staff are here to customize the door panel. We’ve recently been named one of Atlanta’s Top Workplaces, and a big part of that is the quality and dedication of our team. Give us the plans, and we’ll take the worry out of the process. We offer a wide variety of hinge colors to make sure the hardware is consistent with current styles.
Detailed image of the wood details on the door
Next, we cut down the casings to the right size for your job. We assemble split jambs with the casing applied. This two-piece jamb is joined by a tongue and groove to allow both sides of the joint to be cased at our facility, but then it can be taken apart on-site. Not only does this eliminate the need to install the casing separately, but it gives some wiggle room when it comes to varying wall thicknesses. We have a wide variety of casings available, from ornate moldings to simple trim. We apply 356 casing, 445 casing, 371 casing, RB3 casing, and many varieties of 1×4 and 1×6 configurations on a regular basis, but have the ability to apply anything your imagination can create. All of these are cut and assembled to your specifications, then back-nailed to ensure a great fit during installation and dependable durability.

Then We Deliver and Install

Image of unfinished doors in a large warehouse stacked to the side
Once doors are cut and hinged and casings are assembled, they’re ready to be delivered and installed. We make sure your doors are safely delivered on time and in perfect condition, thanks to our commitment to improving delivery processes. Once the doors are delivered to your job site, along with the trim package, BVL then gets to the work of installation. Our veteran install crews are sure to complete the job on time with high quality. By using turn-key doors from BVL, you can be sure you are getting quality materials and installation while saving yourself time and hassle by paying just one company for materials, customization, delivery and installation, instead of multiple invoices from multiple vendors for each of those items. Not to mention saving yourself the hassle of finding workers to install the door for you during a labor shortage. For more information on how our turn-key doors can make your next project a success, visit our website, or schedule a tour of our Norcross facility to see our turn-key door team in action.