Top 9 Smart Home Accessories to Offer Your Clients

Jon Vaughan

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As the internet moves off our computers and into our pockets, the demand for technology integrated into all aspects of life is a normal expectation from homebuyers. While price, layout and location of a home are still king, smart accessories add an updated differentiator to the crowded new build, residential construction market. But with so many new products on the market, it’s hard to know which to buy and which will be worth a homeowner’s investment. Four years ago, we were all waiting for smart kitchen appliances, but today the trends are moving toward smaller devices focused specifically around security, energy efficiency and comfort. Here at Brand Vaughan Lumber, we know that the little details you include in a home are as important as the materials you build it with. Here are some of the top-rated devices that we’re excited about, for both inside and outside the home.
Black nest device(Source)
In the past, a video doorbell system involved clunky panels, choppy sound and poor resolution. But new video doorbells, like the Nest Hello, are sleek and simple units that are easily mounted by the front door. Not only will it alert a homeowner when there’s someone there, but its facial recognition technology can even tell the homeowner who is at the door, adding an extra layer of security.
Image of a woman walking through a white door with a grocery bag full of leafy greens.(Source)
It’s amazing that, with all the other technological advancements out there, the design of an exterior door lock has changed very little. Older smart locks weren’t always well reviewed for elements like durability and security. But the August Smart Lock is receiving great reviews. This is a good option for homeowners who want security and convenience from a touch of their phone.
Arlo device. it is placed on a brick stair and the device is white and the area around the camera is black(Source)
Exterior home security cameras are being used more and more often, particularly as part of new builds and home retrofits. Like with the new video doorbells, these cameras are cloud-based, so homeowners don’t need to install any indoor hardware inside to manage the feed. Both the Arlo Pro and Arlo Q cameras come highly rated and have a long battery life that is critical, especially when used outside.
Smart home app that showcases the black devices as well as the application.(Source)
Getting a garage open on cold days can be a hassle, and smart garage door openers like the Chamberlain MYQ Garage opener easily integrates with smartphones, so homeowners can open and close their garage from anywhere. We think this is a great solution to help homeowners stay warm and keep their property safe.
Nest thermostat on the wall of a home. The thermostat is digital with blue and white writing.(Source)
For builders, installing a smart thermostat is a great way to show homeowners that you’re up-to-date on the latest technologies. Products like the Nest Learning Thermostat and Ecobee4 are leaders in this market and can even been integrated with radiant floor heating. They’re a popular option for energy-conscious homeowners who want instantaneous and ongoing control of how their home is heated.
Single extension outline that does not require being plugged in.(Source)
Smart plugs may not come to mind as quickly as smart thermostats, but they’re an easy addition that can save homeowners money. Products like the Belkin WeMo Mini Smart Plug and the TP Link HS105 Smart Plug include scheduling features, so they can be turned on and off automatically, helping homeowners keep their energy costs down.
Smart Phillips lightbulb that is being held.(Source)
Along with plugs, there are a number of smart lighting options on the market. From smart bulbs like the Philips HUE White LED Starter Kit to panels like the Lutron Caseta In-Wall Smart Lighting system, these offerings are another option to help homeowners reduce energy costs. They also provide extra security using scheduling functions that can make it look like someone is home, even when the house is empty.
Nest speaker that is bronze. Smart home app gadget that is white with a speaker.(Source)
Finally, all this technology can get overwhelming for homeowners. A smart home hub can help streamline how these devices are controlled. While there are a lot of hubs on the market, make sure homeowners pick one that fits their comfort level. Some people will like a voice-activated system, while others would prefer using a touchscreen menu on their phones. With so many options to choose from, there is a smart accessory for your next build. Homeowners will appreciate the convenience and security that these options bring. To meet with one of our residential building experts to help you get the right materials for your next home build, schedule a time to stop by one of our locations for a tour!