The Power of 75: 22/100

Brad Ballard

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We’re so pleased that we were able to do two things that we love and that are so core to our culture and history. On October 27, 2021, we brought together current and former employees, customers, vendors, friends and family to celebrate our 75th Anniversary at Brand Vaughan Lumber. It is truly a humbling accomplishment built off of the foundation that R.L Brand and Cy Vaughan built back in 1946. To be able to celebrate all of the amazing blessings of the past 75 years with people we hold so dear was a great experience. And true to our history, legacy and culture, we turned the event into a fundraiser as well! As you can see from our 100 Families in 100 Years projects, we hold Atlanta Mission in high regard and close to our hearts, so we created an entry fee for the event. Everyone had to pay the fee in a multiple of 75…$0.75, $75 or even $7,500! We are so pleased at the amount of money that was raised to be able to help those battling homelessness in Atlanta and support the amazing team at the Atlanta Mission.

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