Project Spotlight: Azek Exteriors + Principle Builders Group

Brad Ballard

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Principle Builders Group, a custom modern home builder in Atlanta, GA, is known for their luxury modern architectural aesthetic and attention to service. PBG has worked with our team at Brand Vaughan Lumber and our products on several homes in the Atlanta area.

Building premium homes that make a bold statement is their niche, and we sat down with PBG partners Ryan Locke and Tony Bondhus to talk about one of their top modern exterior brands: Azek® Exteriors.

AExterior of a modern home with stone and wood-inspired cladding.

Tony Bondhus has been passionate about modern homes for years. “I fell into the modern market, and that started as an interest coming out of architectural school. And in 2006, I got the opportunity to start building modern homes,” Tony explains.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t long after 2006 when the economic downturn occurred. However, despite the recession, Tony was able to build a reputation in the modern market. There was a demand for more modern, future-focused residential design. “And that type of modern build wasn’t as impacted as traditional neighborhoods in Atlanta,” he explains.

He began calling on architects in the area who were known for modern designs. “That paid off big time,” he says. “And a strong market for modern designs was on the way — since then, things have continued to evolve and change.”

In more recent years, Tony found even more success with the surge of newcomers in the Atlanta area. “Many people are moving to Atlanta, and they’re used to seeing that kind of modern architecture,” Tony explains. “And they aren’t afraid to build it.”

Many manufacturers have responded to the demand for products with a more modern aesthetic. Azek® Exteriors has provided homeowners across the country with premium exterior cladding and products that work to protect and beautify their exterior.

Azek® Exteriors makes engineered polymer (PVC) trim, molding and siding products for residential and commercial applications. The team at Brand Vaughan Lumber helped Principle Builders Group in a recent home project by special ordering all of the Azek® cladding for their build.
a closeup sample of the wood-inspired cladding from Azek’s Exteriors’ Timbertech® Vintage Collection, shown in English Walnut Exterior of a modern home in Atlanta. Cladding with a wood-inspired look is installed on the exterior walls, giving contrast with the white and stone exterior details.

Ryan Locke explains even further about why a premium cladding like Azek’s works best. “We won’t do a lot of natural wood products anymore,” he says. “It’s because of the direct sunlight.”

“There’s also just less maintenance. The cost might be higher upfront, but the low maintenance of the materials makes it cost-effective,” says Ryan.

The owner was clear about needing a maintenance-free home. “They didn’t want to put wood on the house,” says Tony. “And so Azek® was an easy selection for all of us to agree on.”

The team at Principle Builders Group has used Azek® Exterior products on several projects. “I really like the product for installation,” Tony explains. “If you teach the installer once, you’re good. It’s probably one of the better install methods and products out there.”

Azek® Exteriors products use a screw and plug system that hides fasteners and plugs after installation. For a consistent look, cladding was installed on the exterior and interior of the home, including feature walls and ceilings, for the perfect blending of exterior and interior spaces. “We were looking for materials for the interior and exterior and selected products that worked for both,” says Tony.

“The look was really well-received,” Tony continues. “The house went from a harsher modern design to something softer. Azek® products brought a lot of warmth to the home.”
Another view of the modern Atlanta home built with Azek exterior cladding.

As a division of US LBM, Brand Vaughan offers a full range of premium, specialty building products to our customers. We’re especially proud to work with the professionals at Principle Builders Group, who are at the forefront of modern design in Atlanta.

“We’re excited that modern architecture is taking off in Atlanta,” says Tony. “It’s been a long time coming.”

We’ve partnered with builders across Metro Atlanta and the southeast to deliver our signature extra mile service. Part of that commitment is offering solutions for any style of home a custom builder envisions with their client.

“Brand Vaughan really makes sure we are taken care of,” says Tony. “They’ve gotten to know us as clients and treat us almost like we are cherished family members. We’ve never had another company treat us as well as BVL.”

Check out Principle Builders Group on their website for more. You can learn more about our premium products and services, or you can reach out to us if you have any questions.