Products That Perform: Partner Spotlight on Huber Engineered Woods

Jon Vaughan

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Residential builders know their project is only going to be as successful as the materials they choose. Understanding which weatherization products make installation easier can help builders guarantee a high-quality job and a resilient home that their clients can rely on. The right products help builders create more secure, low-maintenance homes that stand up to weather and keep the structure performing efficiently. We’ve seen many of our clients find that Huber Engineered Wood can help produce successful, long-lasting homes and happy clients.

The Benefits of a High-Performing Building Envelope

Man in a yellow vest and white hard hat applying green siding and insulation to a house
Source We all know that the building envelope plays a key role in keeping homes free from moisture and protected from harsh weather, including hurricanes and other natural disasters. According to Whole Building Design Guide, the home’s envelope represents a substantial percentage of a building’s cost. The envelope also determines the overall performance of the home, from the thermal environment to lighting and acoustical function. “Clearly, the balance between the cost of the building envelope and its levels of performance will be of great importance in achieving the most cost-effective design of a building,” says Chris Evans for WBDG. Builders need products that will help them give their homeowner clients the weather and damage-resistant home they want. But you also need products that aren’t a pain to install, so your project goes as smoothly as possible and you don’t lose profit on wasted time and labor. Luckily, the need for high-performance homes has given rise to more innovative, durable and cost-effective building envelope products that help residential builders build better homes faster.

A Building Materials Revolution

Source Huber Engineered Woods recognized the need for a new approach to building enclosures, and their ZIP System® sheathing and tape products make the weatherization process simpler than ever for residential builders. The ZIP System is an integrated water- and air-resistive barrier that provides homes with all-in-one protection from moisture and other elements. Because it’s an integrated system, builders can save time on their projects (increasing profit) while also providing homeowners with a resilient home that will last. The ZIP System can also help to achieve FORTIFIED Home designation because of its quality and resilience standards. While the system requires fewer materials (it eliminates the need for house wrap), the ZIP system has a built-in continuous exterior insulation and an air- and water-resistive barrier for home protection that homeowners can rely on.

A Job Well Done

Inside of uncompleted house showcasing the framing as well as a large window that has been framed out.
Source A home’s building envelope should be reinforced with a premium quality subfloor assembly and we’ve seen that Huber’s AdvanTech® subflooring provides builders with moisture-resistant solutions for a strong panel-to-joist connection. AdvanTech’s subflooring system is quick to install and offers great durability. The flooring is engineered to effectively prevent squeaks and swelling and to outperform traditional OSB and plywood panels. This high-density engineered wood uses a moisture-resistant resin application for better fastener-holding power and to keep floors quiet. To make installation easier, the AdvanTech system uses a durable tongue and groove profile, resulting in a flat, stiff floor that homeowners will appreciate for years to come. The system also comes with a 500-day no-sand guarantee, along with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Aerial view of a large uncompleted home in the woods with siding exposed.

Products Builders Can Trust

Building with products recognized for their quality and durability helps projects run more smoothly and can better guarantee your clients’ long-term satisfaction. Understanding the cost-efficiency and ease-of-installation that Huber Engineered Wood products offer can help to make your next project a success. Brand Vaughan only partners with companies whose products are reliable and known for their quality. To learn more about designing with the high-performing protection that Huber Engineered Wood products offer, contact us here.