Planning for Success: Partnering With Suppliers and Dealers

Jon Vaughan

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Suppliers and dealers are in the same business as the builders they serve: ensuring that customers are fully satisfied. Builders rely on their suppliers and dealers to deliver quality products on time and at the best cost. But this relationship has potential, one that’s more than a transaction between companies. From impressing your homeowner clients to industry insights, the relationships that builders establish with their suppliers and dealers can lead to bigger business success.
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(Source) Suppliers and dealers can help you run your business more efficiently by helping you understand what products are available. After all, not all building companies are the same, so their needs aren’t the same. By communicating with your dealer about what your project needs, they’ll be able to connect you with the best solutions available. At Brand Vaughan, some builders need us to review their plans so that we can help them deliver their projects as smoothly as possible. “We also talk with the plumbing and HVAC trades when it comes to how we design our floor system with [the builder] in mind, to make sure there is nothing additional needed on their end when it comes to cutting holes in our EWP,” explains Brand Vaughan president, Jon Vaughan. “It saves time and money for everyone involved.”
Builders know all too well how expensive materials and cost overruns can harm both the bottom line and their client relationships. Cost is often the most crucial element in choosing which products are used in a project. Ask your supplier if they offer discounts for purchasing in bulk. For example, only making one delivery for both framing and floor systems instead of asking for multiple deliveries can save on delivery cost for the supplier and wait time for the framers. Having accurate take-offs that limit or eliminate fill-ins and credits can create additional cost savings that can be shared between partners. Working together to build a steady business is often the smartest cost-efficiency move for everyone involved.
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Suppliers and dealers engage with builders, remodelers and contractors every day. As a result, they are a great source of information about the local industry. If you build in Georgia, it helps to understand local trends and market information in Georgia. If you actively work with your suppliers and dealers, you’ll glean the same insights into these local building trends. Not only does this give you a leg up on your competitors, but your clients will also benefit from (and appreciate) your extensive knowledge and perspective.
The building industry works within a network of government building codes, ever-evolving regulations, changing land use policy and product innovation. The supplier and dealer chain often is aware of any changes and eager to provide training. It benefits both your business and theirs. In addition to training, your supply chain can also give you business advice on what products to use, the financing available for each product, and the applicable maintenance, repair and capital costs.
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(Source) Experience matters. Your suppliers and dealers are valuable sources of what works for builders and what doesn’t. These mutually beneficial relationships can be crucial in growing a successful business where efficiency and project delivery is key.
Working with your supply chain is one of the best ways to grow your business as well. Are you looking to expand geographically? You can get a sense of how to do it and whether the time is right from your suppliers and dealers. If you’re looking to differentiate your company from other builders, your supplier can recommend the products and materials that can help you stand out from your competition. Their sales teams will likely have knowledge and feedback on new products in the market.
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Forging partnerships with your suppliers and dealers can ensure a successful business, help you control costs and grow your future. By establishing a relationship with other players in the supply chain, you’ll gain their insights and perspective, ensuring your client’s happiness. Learn more about current market trends or check out these other ways you can grow your construction business.