Partner Spotlight: James Hardie

Jon Vaughan

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Source If you’re a residential builder, you’re probably ready to hear about construction solutions that are easy. Everyone could use a little positive news right now, and new tools and materials always help inspire a project. That’s why we’re featuring a collection of exterior options from James Hardie, one of Brand Vaughan Lumber’s trusted partners. Including James Hardie® siding can help any homeowner achieve the exterior look they’re after. This well-renowned brand offers several product and texture options to choose from as well as a wide array of colors with their most recently launched Dream Collection™ products and Statement Collection™ products.
Home with James Hardie exterior siding.
Source James Hardie siding has protected homes all over North America for decades now and offers homeowners a host of options for fiber cement design. Fiber cement has long been a popular choice for residential exteriors because it offers superior weather protection and doesn’t require a ton of maintenance. And James Hardie is America’s most popular brand of siding. That’s because the company knows that homeowners want a wide selection of styles and colors for their exterior. So James Hardie recently launched two collections that feature hundreds of hues and styles to help homes stand out, which is great for home builders who want to impress and sell to potential homeowners. James Hardie offers an array of colors, but what differentiates James Hardie products is their high performance. Fiber cement siding always offers homes a durable exterior, but the ColorPlus® Technology finishes featured on James Hardie products give your exterior a low-maintenance solution for home protection.
The Dream Collection products and Statement Collection products were launched so that homeowners can find a trusted product that will fit their family’s specific needs and tastes. When builders work with dealers like Brand Vaughan, they can offer homeowners exterior solutions from both product series. While these two collections are premium siding solutions, they do not require a high-cost investment. Because of the savings on maintenance costs, you (and your homeowners) will get a better value than other siding options in both costs and looks, thanks to the extensive exterior finishes available. James Hardie’s Dream Collection products come in more than 700 finishes, making any style of siding and trim combination possible. The siding products are available smooth or with a wood grain texture that gives home exteriors a natural look and timeless style.
James Hardie siding colors.
Source The Statement Collection products from James Hardie come in a series of core colors, carefully selected for premium home exterior style.
More James Hardie Siding Colors
Because the Dream Collection and Statement Collection products come with the proprietary ColorPlus Technology finish, builders can build confidently knowing that their customers will wind up with a well-protected and welcoming exterior. Let’s break down some of the benefits and basics of James Hardie siding:
  • A Perfect Coat: The factory-controlled ColorPlus Technology finish application ensures consistent color coverage, for a superior finish on your home.
  • Easier Installation: James Hardie’s biggest benefit for builders might be project efficiency. When you don’t have to worry about painting or finishing your siding, you can take weather (and project delays) out of the equation.
  • Fade Protection: ColorPlus Technology finishes mean your siding is quality tested to look great over time. It’s engineered to resist damaging UV rays so that any color you might choose stays vibrant longer.
Chip-Resistant Finish: The cure on James Hardie products happens between coats in a controlled manufacturing environment: this results in an even stronger application, bonding the finish to the product so that it resists chipping and peeling.
Coastal home with James Hardie siding.
  • Weather and Damage-Resistant: Fiber cement siding from James Hardie offers weather protection, even when you’re in a harsh climate. “Whether you’re looking for a siding material that can withstand the next Katrina, or one that can fend off the next summer hailstorm without sustaining damage, cement board siding is a proven commodity in the weather department,” according to HomeAdvisor.
Carefully Curated Style: James Hardie’s design experts have curated a stunning selection of colors to deliver superior style for home design.
Because James Hardie products are so reliable and consistent, Brand Vaughan Lumber is proud to offer the fiber cement siding as an exterior solution for any home. Builders need siding solutions that give their customers an exterior they’ll love, so take a look at the hundreds of James Hardie colors and styles to inspire exterior design success. If you’re building a home in the Atlanta region, get in touch with Brand Vaughan Lumber for your project, and you’ll find exterior solutions from James Hardie, along with everything else you need for the job: framing, engineered wood systems, trusses, roofing and more. Let’s get your project started today.