Partner Spotlight: Boise Cascade

Jon Vaughan

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Residential builders know their project is only going to be as successful as the materials they choose. The right products can make or break a build and finding high-quality materials can help create more secure, low-maintenance homes that stand up to harsh weather and keep the structure performing efficiently.

At Brand Vaughan, we’ve been operating as a lumber dealer in the Atlanta metro region since 1946 and we’ve met our fair share of engineered wood product suppliers. Boise Cascade has been our engineered wood product (EWP) supplier of choice for almost a decade. When you pair the quality of their wood products with the amazing customer service we receive from their in-field reps, Boise is an incredible partner to us and, more importantly, our clients.

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The Benefits of Boise Cascade Engineered Wood Products

EWP is derived from regular hardwoods and softwoods, but the fiber particles are adhered and strengthened using moisture-resistant adhesives. This creates a more durable, weather-resistant composite material that is stronger than wood on its own. You get fewer seams, no adhesive stains and less cleaning at the job site. Plus, EWP also meets international and national standards.

Because these products are engineered, they are available in custom sizes, using fewer materials for longer lengths. This allows builders to use precise design specifications for all of their residential projects. EWP is also manufactured from about one-half the wood fiber used in dimensional lumber, resulting in superior products that use available resources better and more sustainably.

Floors and structures built with Boise Cascade EWP will be flatter and quieter, and their LVL beams are up to 19 percent stronger than other laminated veneer lumber. Boise joists are smoother, reducing splintering and damage to edges.

EWP should be wrapped for shipping from the mill to the lumber yard, as well as storage on the yard before it is cut and sent to the job site, in order to prevent damage from moisture and impact. However, some companies skimp on the quality of wrap used, leaving builders to deal with a mess on their job site. Boise Cascade individually hand-wraps their products and includes banding around their units to prevent the wrapping from ripping and blowing away.

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Building Options With Boise Cascade Engineered Wood Products

Boise Cascade offers a wide variety of products, including VERSA-LAM ® Laminated Veneer Lumber Beams & Headers and BCI ® Joists. These products can work as a complete system with carefully crafted finishing touches, no brand incompatibilities, and can create an efficient and cost-effective alternative to competitor product lines.

VERSA-LAM® Laminated Veneer Lumber Beams & Headers eliminate twisting, shrinking and splitting, delivering flatter, quieter floors and structures. This product offers quick assembly and is cut into more than 18 standard sizes. VERSA-LAM Beams support heavier loads and longer spans than comparable dimension lumber products.

BCI® Joists are solid I-joists constructed with VERSA-Lam® LVL flanges and waterproof structural adhesives to provide outstanding strength and durability.

Versa-Stud® LVL wall framing gives tall walls a superior strength and stiffness that results in a solid feel, smooth surface and high-quality finish.

Boise Cascade’s joist products are easy to handle and lightweight, lowering labor costs and quicker construction timelines, saving builders money and hitting tighter deadlines. They are 20% stronger than comparably sized dimension lumber and offer the widest I-Joist product line in the industry.

We can deliver Boise Cascade products anywhere in the delivery range of our five locations in Georgia, as well as frequently delivering into Alabama, Tennessee and South Carolina.


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What To Expect: Boise Cascade Engineered Wood Installation and Maintenance

A lot of engineered wood manufacturers offer less-than-ideal warranties on their product lines, ones that don’t offer much protection or are worded in a way that is so complicated, it is difficult to understand. Not with Boise Cascade.

Boise Cascade offers excellent lifetime warranties on their BCI Joist, VERSA-LAM and ALLJOIST products. Products come with easy-to-follow installation guides and proper inspections for defects prior to shipping. If an issue ever arises with storage, handling or installation, Boise Cascade will take care of you with their exceptional customer service.


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Bring Home and Build With Boise Cascade Wood

Boise Cascade is one of our top suppliers. With their solid, high-quality products and nonstop support that helps us grow rapport and loyalty with our own customer base, it’s easy to see why they’ve been a partner of ours for so long.

The bottom line: Boise Cascade helps us succeed, and they can help you succeed, too. If you’re an Atlanta-area builder and would like to see if they can help you do the same, reach out to one of our team members.