More Locations to Better Serve Our Customers

Chelsea Frye

A Brand Vaughan truck is carrying lumber to a job site.

At Brand Vaughan Lumber, we always see expansion as a sign of growth and success, but also as another opportunity for our team to provide help and guidance to our customers. We are dedicated to serving our customers and contributing to the communities we operate in, so the recent move to Douglasville, Georgia is both a strategic decision, as well as a commitment to provide better services to our customers and the surrounding community.

Better Service for Customers

From a sales perspective, the opening of the Douglasville location fills a void in the Metro Atlanta region. At Brand Vaughan, we recognized the need to be closer to multiple customers who build in this area, which allows them to serve their clients more effectively.

This strategic move also opens new opportunities for businesses in the area, as Brand Vaughan’s building materials and sales services are now accessible to them. By expanding to Douglasville, we have rounded out our service capabilities to encompass the entire state, including the West Georgia and East Alabama regions.

“This really completes the circle of all the areas of the state and in the region and puts us in a much better service position. It also allows us to spread our people and our equipment out to work more efficiently, be closer to our customers and just do a better job overall [of] servicing their needs,” says Randy Hanscom, Brand Vaughan’s President and GM.

Impact on the Community

The expansion to the Douglasville location has a significant impact on the community as well.
“The western part of the state is ripe for development,” says Randy. Because of this, Douglasville has opened economic and cultural opportunities, and Brand Vaughan is in the perfect position to help.

Brand Vaughan has a long-standing tradition of community contribution, with a track record of building houses for 100 families in the span of 100 years. This commitment to community service will extend to the Douglasville location with plans to engage in similar community projects, too.

We sincerely hope that our presence will not only boost economic opportunities, but it will also contribute to the cultural and social fabric of the community as it does in the many other areas we operate.

Community Activities

Four volunteers from Brand Vaughan are helping complete landscaping work. They are smiling at the camera while holding landscaping tools.

Community awareness is key to successful integration, and we have a clear plan for this. Brand Vaughan plans to participate in Home Aid, a community event that involves collaboration with other local companies for activities such as landscaping, rebuilds and remodels.

Our marketing team will work closely with the local community, detect where help and support are needed and establish strong connections. We are also actively participating in the West Georgia chapter, strengthening our ties with the community. Part of our activities is also reaching out to local business leaders and staying updated on the local building industry, the trends, the changes, and the opportunities that arise.

Additionally, our team plays a significant role in spreading the word, as they are an integral part of this community and engage in activities like little league teams and community projects. “We do a lot of work through our employees,” explains Randy. “I approve probably two to three community projects a month just through our existing employee base. So as we add employees to our team on the western side, our employees’ involvement in the community will grow as well.”

Growth Strategy

A picture of a warehouse has two logos on it. The US LBM logo is on the left, and the Brand Vaughan Lumber logo is on the right.

Brand Vaughan’s growth strategy for the Douglasville location and the surrounding areas is well-defined. Our Market Development Group has identified a 50-mile radius of potential customers and opportunities, and we are more than eager to explore this untapped market.

“This market has been untouched by us for so long that it is just wide open for the taking,” explains Steve Nolte, Brand Vaughan’s Director of Sales. We are currently in the process of setting up meetings and interactions with existing customers in order to discuss and gain understanding and new ideas on how we can serve the area as effectively as possible.

The focus is on growth and expanding the exceptional Brand Vaughan service to this area. “It’s going to put us in a position to service all of the products that we offer to that part of the region,” adds Randy.

The decision to move to the west side of Georgia was well-timed. Financial stability and joining USL LBM® provided Brand Vaughan with the opportunity to expand. The western region presented a major void that we were eager to fill. With our careful planning and execution of this expansion, we have demonstrated our commitment to strategic growth and service excellence.

Brand Vaughan’s growth strategy is guided by the principle of being close to our customers. We track the growth of the new home industry and always strive to be where our customers are the most active. As the growth in the state started in the north, then east and south, West Georgia emerged as the last frontier for expansion. By adhering to the mantra, “You’ll find us close to where our customers are busy,” we ensure that we remain in sync with our customer base.

Our expansion to Douglasville is not just about business growth but also about strengthening our relationship with customers and contributing to the community. It represents a well-thought-out strategy that places us closer to our customers while also creating opportunities for businesses and community development. “That is where you will find us — close to where our builders are busy,” says Randy.

As Brand Vaughan establishes its presence, we are dedicated to offering our full range of products and services, cementing our commitment to quality and customer service, to which we always strive. For more information on our Douglasville expansion or our dedication to our customers’ needs, contact our team today!