Let Mi Windows and Doors Brighten Your Next Design

Jon Vaughan

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Source One of the hardest working elements of a home is the one most people look right through. Glass windows and doors do double duty: Letting in natural light and connecting homeowners with their community while keeping the elements out, without relying on of inches of insulation and other building materials. Here at Brand Vaughan Lumber, we know selecting the right windows and doors is a critical step for both design and energy efficiency. A good window will keep a home looking contemporary for decades. A poorly built or installed window ages a home, can lead to huge problems with air and moisture intrusion, and drive up monthly energy bills.
Bedroom with many windows and a modern fireplace that is bordered with black. There is a large bed with two chairs and a seating area. The hardwood floors have a tan rug on top of it. There are three large windows
Source In our experience, Mi Windows and Doors is one of the best window suppliers we have worked with. Their quality is exquisite. But a good window or door is about more than a product, and this is where they really shine. With Mi Windows and Doors, you get:
  • Responsive, proactive and customer-friendly local sales representation
  • Top-notch manufacturing
  • Flawless production scheduling that makes them stand out from most of their competitors
  • Best follow-through on service after the sale, quickly addressing any problems
So, what’s in it for you?
Two large windows
Source and Source Brand Vaughan Lumber stocks Mi Windows and Doors’ 4300 series of windows. Their picture window and single-hung window offer features like beveled exterior edges and a welded vinyl mainframe that make installation easy. And both these products are ENERGY STAR®-rated, so they can help manage homeowner’s heating and cooling costs all year long. The 4300 series also has a range of customization options. From Low-E and HP Low-E or Argon-enhanced glass, to a variety of trim color and grid choices, these windows can be adapted to fit your design. And if you’re looking for something more, we have access to the full range of Mi Windows and Doors products. Here are a few more of our favorites and how you can use them in your projects.
Three windows that are in the back of a table.
Source If the straight lines of the 4300 windows aren’t what you’re looking for, we love the combination of these 1555 double-hung windows and the rounded architectural window above them. Paired with a coat of bright paint, they give this dining room a bold-yet-cozy feeling.
A large room with yellow walls and white detailing. There is a tray ceiling that is detailed white. A tan and black rug with two white armchairs and yellow pillows. There is a large door
Source Make sure the first thing visitors get when they walk in is a bright and airy welcome. These narrow 1685 double-slider windows bring in lots of natural light, even with a smaller profile. This vinyl window has a painted exterior, so you can match it to the rest of the home.
Image of a dining room with large farm windows. There is wood shiplap detailing on the roof. A wooden table that cris crosses at the bottom is in the image as well.
Source For a great view, nothing beats the uninterrupted space of a big picture window. It’s a quiet way for homeowners to show off their home and property to guests. These 1650 picture windows come in a variety of shapes and grid patterns to maximize natural light and blur the lines between indoor and outdoor dining.
A wood vintage table that has a unique light fixture above it. The small eating area leads into a kitchen. There are four windows behind the table.
Source And if you really want to bring the outside in, Mi Windows and Doors offers a full range of sliding doors. Set up in a 4-panel configuration like this, these 440 series sliding glass doors provide easy access between the kitchen, dining room and the patio. When the weather is nice, homeowners will have an uninterrupted flow between these spaces for family and friends. These doors are also available in 2- and 3-panel options as well.
A large room with many big windows and a light hardwood flooring. The roof has five wood beams with hanging lighting.
Source Or, for a more modern look, try the 400 series aluminum sliding glass doors around the whole room. These ENERGY STAR®-rated doors are not only beautiful, but Mi’s warm-edge spacer system maximizes energy efficiency and improves seal performance of insulated glass units. Let the natural light in while keeping the cold air out in the winter and heat and humidity out in the summer.
A tea room with an arch of four windows with a small table that has flowers on it. There is a white hutch to the left that has a sign that says EAT. The main focus is the arch way window.
Source Your windows, the way you want them. Regardless of the shape and size of a room, Mi Windows can be customized to fit. This beautiful eating area makes a great sunny refuge for early mornings, and these 1650 single-hung windows topped with 1650 architectural windows are a great way to accent the curved breakfast nook. We love working with Georgia homebuilders to give every project its unique style, and there are so many ways these windows and doors can enhance the look and energy efficiency of your next residential build. Get your windows, the way you want them, when you need them. For more information on how Brand Vaughan Lumber and our partners can help you find the perfect materials and accents for your next project, visit our website.