Doing More for Our Customers in Douglasville

Chelsea Frye

Douglasville Location 1

The Brand Vaughan Lumber name has become synonymous with quality and unwavering commitment to customer service. For almost three-quarters of a century, we have provided high-quality building materials Georgia-wide. We specialize in commodity forest products, plywood and even offer a comprehensive millwork line.

Brand Vaughan Lumber operates from nine different locations across the state — Tucker, Columbus, Madison, Cumming, Peachtree Corners, Lithonia, Buford, Gainesville, and our newest branch in Douglasville. We decided to open our Douglasville facility to better fulfill our commitments to providing customers with the right materials at the right place and at the right time.

We spoke to seasoned building materials professional and new president of Brand Vaughan Lumber, Randy Hanscom, to learn more about the Douglasville branch and how it can provide new opportunities for the company, customers, and the community. In his words, the new facility is “a big win for all of our customers and for us”.

Brand Vaughan Lumber’s New Douglasville Branch

In October 2023, Building Supply Association (BSA) joined the Brand Vaughan family, bringing with it over 50 years of experience as a leading distributor of roofing and siding products. With 19 associates joining the Brand Vaughan team from Powder Springs down the road, a new facility was needed.

We opened the Douglasville branch as a base of operations for our new team members and to improve our service capabilities and increase our service areas. The Douglasville site had already been a full-service lumber yard for a while, so it was ideally suited to our operations.

As Randy details, “Now that this is a new Brand Vaughan location, we’re going to roll out our complete product line through this facility.” With seven square acres available at the location, “we’ll be able to add more staff and more equipment into that facility because we have the space”, increasing our efficiency and ability to serve our customers.

You can find our Douglasville branch at 11750 Veterans Memorial Highway, Douglasville, GA.

Why Douglasville?

In addition to the facility itself being ideal for our needs, the Douglasville location is also highly strategic. Until now, most of our business had been carried out from Atlanta eastward, with operations in the west part of the state comparatively scarce. The new facility “gives us great coverage on the west side of the state, which we’ve never had,” explains Randy.

We have always tracked the growth of the industry — where there’s growth, Brand Vaughan Lumber will go! West Georgia was the last frontier in the state for us to grow into, and there’s plenty happening there. Our market development group identified a 50-mile radius of potential customers, establishing this area as a prime location. “You’ll find us close to where our customers are busy,” says Randy.

In combination with our locations in Cumming and Buford (which service the northern part of the building supplies market), Columbus (covering the south) and Tucker (the west), our Douglasville branch will help us round out our service capabilities across the region and beyond. When it comes to building supplies, Georgia and even Eastern Alabama will be covered.

How the New Douglasville Branch Helps Us Serve Our Customers

A cedar-shake house with gray roofing shingles and white trim is pictured.

The addition of our new branch in Douglasville brings about a significant advantage for our customers, many of whom operate within the metro Atlanta region and the western part of Georgia.

The close proximity of our Douglasville facility adds convenience to the lives of our customers and gives us the option to explore new opportunities in the industry. Randy describes how the Douglasville branch “really does a great job of rounding out our service capabilities throughout the entire region.”

Having a key supplier located close by reduces transportation costs and times for the delivery of materials, improving efficiency and increasing the cost-effectiveness of projects. Builders can quickly access necessary materials, respond quickly to project changes, and maintain a steady workflow.

Our expansion into Douglasville also enables us to distribute our total resources more effectively across the state, increasing our operational efficiency. This will have an effect on improving our customer service and the quality and efficiency of our customers’ projects.

Helping the Douglasville Community

Our new branch won’t just help our customers — we hope that it will also benefit the Douglasville community at large, opening economic opportunities. As a family-run company, the community is everything to us.

We have a long history of contributing to the communities in which we operate, from our work with Home Aid providing rebuilds and remodels to volunteering with the Atlanta Mission at Restoration House. “Change is not a solitary endeavor, but rather a result of many hands working together,” explains Randy.

In 2016, we launched an initiative to help 100 families in our region — through volunteering and other community initiatives — by the time we reach our 100th year in business. This initiative is called 100 Families in 100 Years, and we look forward to carrying out projects in and around Douglasville, as well as the western part of the state.

Our first step towards becoming an active presence in West Georgia will be to reach out to local business leaders to connect and find out what’s happening in the local building industry. Our marketing team does an excellent job of partnering and connecting with the local communities in the state, and Douglasville will be no different.

As our team based in the Western part of the state grows, we plan to carry out more and more community projects.

The Future of Construction in Douglasville

A structure built from lumber is pictured.

The opening of our Douglasville branch will enable us to explore previously untapped opportunities in the market for building supplies in Georgia. Through our commitment to providing high-quality products and our community initiatives, Brand Vaughan Lumber aims to establish a strong presence in Douglasville and the rest of the West Georgia region and to provide our entire product catalog to customers here.

“We’re going to be able to do a better job servicing our existing business, we’ll be able to grow our future business, and we’ll be able to improve the quality of life for our employees while doing a better job serving our customers. We’re excited about it,” explains Randy.

Brand Vaughan Lumber is dedicated to supporting builders, designers, homeowners, and DIY enthusiasts. We guide our customers through every step of their projects, whether they’re industry professionals or just DIY enthusiasts looking for inspiration and expert assistance. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you with your project!