Turn-Key Siding: What’s Available and Why You Want It

Turn-Key Siding: What’s Available and Why You Want It

There are many reasons why siding is an important part of the home. It’s the first thing you see from the outside, it plays an important role in protecting the house from damage, and it creates curb appeal.

Siding can also be time-consuming and costly to install, and for builders, it can be a frustrating part of the construction process. However, a lot of the challenges involved in installing siding can be minimized by taking a different approach.

With our turn-key service, we are experts at installing siding in a way that takes away many of the complications and delivers a final result that both looks great and works effectively.

Stocking the Best Siding Material

The material siding is made from is an important consideration in its own right. At Brand Vaughan Lumber, we only stock and install fiber cement siding. That’s because it’s tough and durable, making it well-suited to homes that take a beating from the elements, like most homes in Georgia.

Fiber cement is also fairly low maintenance and can last for decades without the need for replacement.

We use the best quality partners for our siding, James Hardie and Allura, and both of their sidings come in a range of sizes, from 5 1/4" x 12' to 12" x 12'. We also carry a range of panels and trim boards from the same manufacturers.

side Image of siding on a newly built house during the construction period.

Your clients want their siding to stand firm against all kinds of weather conditions. That’s why the fiber cement siding we carry can defend homes against:

  • Moisture and water damage
  • Mold growth
  • Shrinking, swelling and cracking
  • Damage from insects and other pests
  • Fire
  • UV radiation

Unfortunately, in order to deliver these benefits, builders first have to tackle the unavoidable tasks of measuring, ordering and installing, each of which can take up a lot of time.

Find out how BVL can help you get siding installed with minimal stress, allowing you to build a great looking and highly-protected home in just a few short steps.

FrontImage of siding on a newly built house during the construction period.

How Does BVL’s Turn-Key Siding Work?

When builders install new siding, there are a number of stages and several different parties involved. First, they have to estimate how much material they need, then actually source the material, then schedule it to be delivered, and then find and pay a team to carry out the installation.

This final step can be a real challenge on its own thanks to the current labor shortage. The process of installing siding, then, can be very time consuming and costly.

That’s where BVL comes in. We take care of every stage of the siding process, combining multiple, complicated tasks into one service. Here are the main steps:

Ordering the Material

Just ordering materials and laying the plans for an installation project can be challenging. At BVL, we’ve made that process as simple as possible.

You simply send your home plans to us, and we’ll either give an estimate based on them or visit the site if we need more information. Whether we need to visit the job site depends on the grade, as they can vary and the amount of siding required depends on them. If part of the plan is below grade, then we will need to carry out an estimate on-site.

Image of siding on a newly built house during the construction period.

Delivery of Materials

Getting materials delivered to your site can be another headache, often compounded by worries about important things being left behind or sustaining damage. At BVL, delivery is something we take seriously.

All of our products are loaded to withstand the inevitable knocks and jolts that come with transport. We don’t want you to receive damaged items.

We have forklifts on all of our trucks that we deliver siding with, allowing us to place your siding and other materials exactly where you want them the first time. We know there are few things more frustrating than receiving a bundle of heavy goods far from where they need to be.

Installation of the Siding

Once your siding has been delivered, we’ll also take care of the installation. This way, we cut out a whole army of middlemen and save you the stress of organizing and overseeing a disjointed, multi-step process.

Here’s why this method works better:

  • It saves time, allowing you to get your new siding installed as quickly as possible and start focusing on other areas of the project.
  • It can save on costs since you’re using just one service instead of several.
  • The same reliable team is taking care of the entire process, avoiding any of the potential confusion or complication that tends to accompany a fragmented effort.
Image of siding on a newly built house during the construction period.

Save Time and Money With Turn-Key Siding

Building a quality home can be a stressful business. BVL can help alleviate part of that stress by taking care of the siding. By using just one company for your siding needs, you can save time (on estimating, ordering, checking up on your order and calling back about errors with your order), labor (no hiring a part-time team just for siding installation), taxes and effort (you only have to pay one invoice, instead of keeping track of invoices for multiple companies and teams).

To find out more about turn-key siding and how you can make the most of it, contact BVL today.

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