10 Unforgettable Moments from our 75th Anniversary Celebration

10 Unforgettable Moments from our 75th Anniversary Celebration

There’s so much that happened this past year, and we’re grateful for all of the new opportunities and lessons we’ve learned.

We’re also grateful that we had a chance to celebrate with Brand Vaughan team members, customers and family at our 75th Anniversary this year. If you couldn’t make it to the event, here are the highlights!

1. A (Brand Vaughan) Family Reunion

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Brand Vaughan Lumber was co-founded by R.L. Brand and Cy Vaughan in 1946, when they joined forces to serve the Metro Atlanta region’s building and construction industry. The Brands were heavily involved in the day-to-day operations until 1976 when Mr. Chip joined his father full-time. But according to Jon Vaughan, “Their presence has always been a part of the company.”

The 75th Anniversary event welcomed past and present team members, customers and distribution partners. Members of the Brand family were in attendance, and Jon conveyed his gratitude. “It was so special for them to be there and express pride at what the family started.”

2. Reminiscing: Brand Vaughan Memorabilia

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The event featured pictures and other memorabilia for attendees to look through — it was like a BVL-themed museum for anyone interested in seeing their history. “We enjoyed being able to look back at the pictures of all the different buildings and to see the evolution from a small, home goods retail shop to the larger facilities we have today,” says Jon.

Some of the memorabilia included Jon’s grandfather's old drafting papers, the store’s first wood cash drawer and Brand Vaughan’s first newspaper advertisement.

3. Community Support: Atlanta Mission

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Part of Brand Vaughan’s legacy is giving back to our community, and during the 75th celebration, we were honored to raise funds for the Atlanta Mission. “Attendees were asked to donate an entry fee, something in the denomination of 75, whether it be 75 cents, $75 or 75 hours of volunteer service,” explains Jon.

Specialty building materials distributor, US LBM, made a donation of $7,500, and because of everyone’s support, more than $10,000 was raised for the nonprofit. Three generations of connectivity were able to work with a great cause, and Jon was grateful to have this type of opportunity to give back.

4. Boise Cascade Pit Crew

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No event is complete without great food. And the Boise Cascade team, known as the Boise Pit Crew, arrived sporting their own BBQ food truck. The Boise crewmen themselves cooked up and served a crowd-pleasing lunch.

“This team has such a servant’s heart — they’re so passionate about what they do,” says Jon.

5. Customers, Partners and Friends

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The Brand Vaughan family was joined by more than 200 customers, suppliers, employees, friends and family. “We celebrated this incredible milestone at our Tucker location,” Jon explains.

During the event, any delivery truck that came through the lumberyard that day spent a little extra time to celebrate, relax and enjoy the party.

6. Dedicated Employees

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The founders of Brand Vaughan Lumber recognize that the success of the company rests on the shoulders of the team members who work there and highlighted a few of BVL’s retired crew.

“The Brand Vaughan family extends our thanks to everyone who attended that day and for continuing to be part of our family of friends,” says Jon. “You make our company the best it can be.”

Walt Williams was recognized for his 32 years of time at BVL, and James Harrison spent 34 years with the lumber company.

“These two gentlemen embody the heart and soul that link three generations together. They are humble, kind, passionate, dedicated servants who taught me a ton — and how to be a lumberman,” says Jon.

7. Plenty of Prizes

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As a gesture of gratitude, the anniversary event included a prize giveaway: a Yeti cooler, hoodies, lawn chairs, $75 gift cards and a 75-inch screen TV. Prizes were picked by drawing names, and anyone without the last names “Brand” or “Vaughan” was in the running. It was the best possible way to end the day — giving back to the people that give so much to the community and to the business.

“A BVL team member went home with the TV,” says Jon. “He tells us he found just the perfect place for it.”

8. Truly Talented: The BVL Art Contest

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The team at BVL isn’t just known for their great customer service and dedication. They also possess serious creative talent, and some of them submitted originally designed art to reflect the 75th Anniversary. Jon even got to enjoy tasting one of the submissions.

The winner of the contest was Gustavo Saucedo, who works in receiving at our Tucker facility. “Gustavo entered an exceptional pencil drawing of R.L. Brand and my grandfather, Cy Vaughan, with a 75th-anniversary logo,” says Jon.

9. Gorgeous Day, Incredible Turnout

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The day was marked by beautiful weather, a great turnout and wonderful connections. “It was humbling seeing a lot of people I hadn’t seen in a long time through COVID, and it was also special to have my mom and my wife there,” says Jon.

The Brand Vaughan team worked hard leading up to the event to guarantee a memorable experience. “Our team did an incredible job of making it decorative and inviting, and BVL customers were able to see members of our team who they don’t interact with.”

10. Here's to 75 Years Ahead

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Brand Vaughan Lumber is grateful for the 75 years of memories and the connections that were initiated or rekindled at the event this year.

“Our strength lies within, due in part, by the commitment of so many unwavering customers, partners and employees who have made Brand Vaughan Lumber one of Metro Atlanta’s Top Workplaces,” says Jon.

We’re looking forward to the next 75 years of delivering the extra mile service that our customers have come to rely on. We’re also excited to continue building teams of dedicated, respected and knowledgeable individuals that help make Brand Vaughan the success that it is today.

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