6 Scary Good Builder Additions from 2022

Brad Ballard

An open living room with wood floors and brick walls features a leather couch, two blue chairs, a patterned rug and a wooden coffee table in the center of the room.

After a year full of shocking headlines and challenging market conditions, Brand Vaughan Lumber wants to look back on some of the more optimistic aspects of the last twelve months. And for this Halloween season, we’re taking a closer peak at some of 2022’s scary good builder additions and trends we’d love to see more of next year. Product Spotlight: Sierra Pacific Windows

The following are some of the most inspiring and innovative projects and products that we’ve seen — these ideas might even inspire your own work.

     1. Frightfully Smart Gadgets

A white smart home thermostat from ecobee is mounted to a wall.


It’s no surprise that homeowners today want a healthier indoor environment. “Whether it’s pertaining to actual construction sites, residential properties with specialized air quality control systems or anything in between, there is an elevated interest in air quality improvement and control, especially since the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic,” writes Sarah Edwards for Thomas.

Smart home thermostats and indoor health monitors can help your customers sleep and breathe more easily, knowing their home is optimized for their comfort, health and safety. In addition to these tools, there is a wide range of gadgets that homeowners can install — take a look at nine products we recommend.

     2. Building Trends That Are a Treat

A Brand Vaughan team member finishes the manufacturing of a door in the warehouse. Stacks of doors are seen in the background.

Building More Efficiently: Turn-Key Interior Doors and Trim

The importance of efficiency is on every builder’s mind, and many construction professionals have turned to modular building methods on the job.

“Modular projects can be completed in nearly half the time as traditional projects, saving about 20 percent on construction costs. Because of these benefits, the modular construction market could reach $157 billion by 2023, according to some estimates,”

writes Mark Crawford for ASME.

Using modular building methods or prefabricated materials saves on project time and cost, and we expect to see plenty more of that with our customers in the years ahead.

Brand Vaughan also works hard to help builders with turnkey solutions to support your success before, during and after a project. In fact, our Installed Services department goes the extra mile to help builders finish a job right. Read more about working with our installation team on your next project.

     3. Bootastic Tech for Builders

A white drone is flying above trees.


More builders are adopting technology to help with their projects, including drones. We’ve talked before about how helpful a drone can be on the job site — whether you’re inspecting a roof before a remodel or want to take pictures of a job well done, the drone is capable of several building solutions.

Technology might sometimes seem like a hindrance, but more construction professionals are adopting software and digital technology to help on their projects and with their businesses.

That includes marketing, and we’re seeing more of our builders adopt the use of social media, newsletters and SEO strategies to help win customers online. Check out a few more tips for how technology can support your business.

     4. Shockingly Beautiful Spaces

An outdoor entertainment and kitchen area that features outdoor grills and a rectangular firepit.

Designer & Builder Duo: Loudermilk Designs and Loudermilk Homes

Outdoor entertaining spaces have been a big homebuilding trend in the last few years, and we love seeing some of the projects in the Atlanta area, like this gorgeous, modern outdoor kitchen by Loudermilk Homes.

“Builders are getting more requests for larger homes because people need more space,” say experts at BuilderGM. That might mean adding a place to entertain guests or room additions that offer more privacy. Today’s homeowners have adopted more of a nesting lifestyle and often stay at home, even during work hours. “Buyers are looking for space to work remotely from home, so they need an office area that provides privacy.” 

Whether it’s a yoga studio, guest room or new office, homeowners today need space for various experiences, and contractors can provide that kind of flexibility in the design with the right mindset and a few helpful suggestions.

     5. Awe-Inspiring Exterior Products

A modern home with wood exterior cladding and stone wall detail. A white roof is supported by columns and rises several feet above the home.

Project Spotlight: Azek Exteriors + Principle Builders Group

Homeowners want products that will make their exteriors shine, especially because we’re all encouraged to spend more time outdoors.

There are a few easy ways that builders can add interest to the home. Sometimes that’s by adding a fresh coat of paint to the front door or updating it entirely. A pivot door might make a bold statement on a modern home, and using a black finish on an updated door design could add contrast.

New exterior trim or cladding can also amp up an exterior. There are tons of finishes and styles to choose from, so homeowners can customize their home as they see fit.

We love seeing the contrast of materials on this Atlanta-area home. Using wood cladding and stone details make this residence look luxurious, and the white cantilevered roof design is undoubtedly impressive.

     6. Scary Good Building Supplies in Georgia

A Facebook post from Brand Vaughan Lumber with a photo of Boise Cascade wood on pallets.


Brand Vaughan knows how uncertain the building market has been for builders, but we’re proud to support our customers and ensure their project success. By working with a supplier who is trustworthy and transparent about lead times, builders can help guarantee a smoother construction job.

Despite a year of uncertainty, the team at Brand Vaughan has stayed positive by focusing on what’s important. “Get back to the basics, take care of your people [and] build your relationships with suppliers and customers,” suggests Steve Nolte, manager of Brand Vaughan’s Outside Sales. Whether you’re remodeling a home to perform at its best or building a new residence, staying on top of the latest trends and tips is key, and Brand Vaughan is here to help. What trends are you excited to see more of in the year ahead?