Talking Extra-Mile Service: What It Is and Why We Care

Jon Vaughan

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Brand Vaughan Lumber Mission Statement: Deliver Extra Mile Service and Leave a Positive Impression, Through Our Commitment To the Principle, “Strength Lies Within.” In 2005, Brand Vaughan Lumber established a company mission statement that’s become the foundation for our overall culture. We have always been upfront about our commitment to delivering Extra Mile Service to builders and construction teams so we thought we’d explore what “extra” really means to BVL and how our company is known for its dedication to quality service and products.
Since the company was established, Brand Vaughan has worked to improve our business by staying true to our values, reliable in the products we offer and innovative with our processes. We have found that improvements in those three areas result in the best possible service for our customers. Building a business this way means having high standards that are communicated across the entire company:
In order to deliver the best end-product for its customers, the Brand Vaughan logistics team maintains specific requirements for product distribution. A large volume of inventory moves through the Tucker location, where Operations Manager Chris Ketchum ensures all of the day-to-day activities run smoothly. That includes specific standards for turn times (how quickly everything is loaded, checked and on the road) on the lumberyard at Tucker. “The goal is to be in and out in 45 minutes,” says Ketchum.
Brand Vaughan is renowned as a building materials supplier because of reliable and innovative team members like Ketchum and other members of the logistics team such as Dick Moe, a lumber industry veteran of six decades. At BVL, Mr. Moe has developed the Brand Vaughan Driver’s Handbook, which sets standards for new and incoming drivers. The Driver Bible is a resource for drivers and a testament to Brand Vaughan’s commitment to exceptional service. “Once our drivers are out there,” explains Ketchum, “they’re the only representation we have, so we have to communicate that we’re professionals.”
That professionalism includes a commitment to integrity and premium service, so if we say we’ll deliver an order that day, customers know it will be there. “It takes pressure off the builder to know that the products are correct and high quality,” says Ketchum, “so they can get their job done quickly, without any hangups on Brand Vaughan’s side.” Brand Vaughan’s “Extra Mile Service” mission is long-term, with a focus on sustainable growth across all areas of our company. The entire BVL team develops the same service-focused mindset so that our customers understand how much we care about their business growth, as well.
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(Source) Builders need a lumber dealer who can provide the best materials, along with great customer service. Because of the Brand Vaughan commitment to quality at every stage of a project, builders know they can expect BVL to carry products they trust. Brand Vaughan runs on the belief that our company’s integrity is on the line with “every shipment, every invoice and every interaction throughout our entire organization.” If efficiency and accuracy aren’t a part of that equation, it holds things up later down the line. That’s why we only work with partners we trust, so that builders, roofers, homeowners, designers and contractors can all get the high-quality materials they need when they need them:
  • Framing: We offer a wide variety of lumber products including dimensional lumber, treated wood, panels, specialty products and building materials. We also offer turn-key structural framing services.
  • Exterior Windows and Doors: From wood to vinyl to fiberglass to clad, builders can find windows and exterior door solutions for just about any project.
  • Interior Doors and Trim: We produce a variety of slab choices on our two in-house door machines and stock a vast assortment of trim options. We work with several top vendors to source specialty materials as well.
  • Hardware: Accessories, fasteners and other hardware are kept fully stocked so you can get your project done on time, without missing any details.
Whether Brand Vaughan is hiring a driver or other associate, we want loyal people in all parts of the business. We work hard to hire people who fit our culture of Extra Mile Service, who are good at what they do and who want to grow with Brand Vaughan. But growing BVL as a company means investing in its people. Brand Vaughan employs a full-time human resources staff member who has implemented more efficient hiring processes and streamlines the employee onboarding experience. We’re also tracking our employee retention rate (a glaring issue in the construction industry). Brand Vaughan is committed to supporting our people, by offering training programs and apprenticeships, so that they stay happy and fulfilled while they work for BVL. If that means transferring to another role within the company, for instance, Brand Vaughan encourages that kind of employee development.
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By delivering quality service to our customers, giving our team members more opportunities, and offering premium building products, Brand Vaughan hopes to establish itself as a leader and example of “better business” in the construction industry. Brand Vaughan is proud to work with a growing list of exceptional residential builders. Want to see how our Extra Mile Service can help you? Get in touch with us here.