Interior Doors & Trim

We service all of our markets with our broad and deep millwork inventory. Our branch in Norcross holds our extensive millwork production. We produce a variety of slab choices on our two in-house door machines and stock a vast assortment of trim options. We work with several top vendors to source specialty materials as well.

Interior Doors & Trim

A door isn’t just a door. It delineates privacy, softens or even mutes noise, and helps keep the home a place of peace and serenity. When redesigning or updating, interior doors and trim might seem like an unneeded expense — but in reality, they are essential. They are as integral to the house as the walls and floors, and an interior door needs the perfect trim.

At Brand Vaughan Lumber, we offer a variety of stock styles of standard sized interior doors. Our stock sizes are standard 6'8" doors offered in a variety of 6 panel designs. We offer as many specialty doors as you can imagine including other designed doors, 7' and 8' doors, custom wood doors or even a modern interior door.

We also carry a wide range of trim profiles, so you can create a simple cottage look or create an elaborate, detailed design worthy of a palace. The sky's the limit.

If we don't have it, we can get it for you. Brand Vaughan is your source for doors and trim.

The Perfect Door

We know our customers are as varied as the homes they build. They have unique needs and our inventory reflects that. We carry a wide variety of interior doors and trim for all solutions. Our Norcross millwork inventory offers an extensive inventory, including trim and slab options.

Not all doors are made the same, just as not all houses are. Many houses have uneven floors, ceilings or walls. Some older homes have narrower door frames and some wider. We are happy to work with you to find the perfect fit and design for your project. That’s why we’re proud to carry quality and trusted brands such as Masonite, Steve’s Doors and other specialty labels.


Unparalleled Service

Our team at Brand Vaughan Lumber is here to help you make the perfect choice of interior doors and trim. Along with that, we offer full-service, turn-key interior trim solutions that fit with your needs and your schedule.

When you choose Brand Vaughan Lumber service, you’ll get:

  • A thorough house walk-through to ensure door sizes are accurate
  • Doors and trim production to your desired casings and hinges
  • Full delivery of all materials as scheduled
  • Full installation service

To learn about our turn-key services, click here.


Why Choose Brand Vaughan for Your Interior Doors & Trim?

We know our customers because we are our customers. We’ve been doing this since 1946, and we strive to put as much care and attention to your interior doors and trim as you need — and then a little more!

With our top-of-the-line products and warranties, you can rely on Brand Vaughan Lumber to help you with your goals with products and services that are clean, efficient and cost-effective.

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