Influencer Spotlight: Meet Jacque Edmonds

Jon Vaughan

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Jacque Edmonds is committed to bringing great design and architecture to Atlanta. After completing her Master’s in Architecture, Jacque found herself working on high-profile projects, designing commercial properties and casinos. While she may have worked all over Georgia, her heart was in Atlanta. Flash forward to today, and Edmonds, who went back to complete a Master’s in Building Construction and Facilities Management at the Georgia Institute of Technology, is now the Principal Architect at Animus Architecture. The in-town Atlanta firm specializes in new residential construction, additions, historic district design and light commercial design, but Jacque is most passionate about the residential projects. “I really wanted to be part of Atlanta’s growth,” she says. Starting her own firm was a big step, but as she built her client list and developed a reputation for her dependability and consistent results, she picked up new work. Small projects became larger ones, and the whole time, Jacque has been able to become a part of the neighborhoods she designs for.
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Source “I like the challenge of the way residential architecture in Atlanta is evolving.” She sees the city’s zoning ordinances focusing more on densification. Jacque understands the importance of working with her clients to create homes that fulfill their vision, while also staying within the character of each of Atlanta’s distinctive neighborhoods. “The city has changed a lot of zoning ordinances, and we see a lot of people putting duplexes on small lots. I like the challenge of balancing the desire for square footage with working in the neighborhood.” You’ll often find Jacque at public zoning meetings. She works hard to be both an architect and advisor to her clients. “I don’t want them to have controversial houses,” she says. Instead, she tries to provide advice on how to achieve their goals, while still fitting in with the community. “My favorite projects are all about the people I work with. The creativity, the communication. I’ve worked with some amazing people.” Jacque’s clients include not only homeowners but also investors and developers who have spearheaded some of Atlanta’s incredible growth.
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Source She sees herself and Animus Architecture as part of a team working hard to meet their clients’ needs. “I tell builders to join the team as soon as they can. Builders often have great ideas and solutions because they’re on the ground and see the problems and fixes first-hand. It’s so important to have good communication with the builders, surveyors, engineers and city staff.” As to what inspires Jacque, she says it’s the thank you. “When you’re designing for someone else, you have to work with their inspiration.” She loves seeing what inspires her clients, whether it’s a walk through one of Atlanta’s historic districts or a Pinterest board full of ideas from around the world. “If I can give them what they’ve imagined, it’s all about the thank you.” And what about favorite products to work with? Jacque admits she relies on builders to do a lot of the product selection, but she’s seeing a lot of cement board being used for siding, as well as stained wood siding for modern homes. Her goal is to help her clients find solutions that will last and stay looking nice for years. At her heart, though, Jacque is focused on growing a practice that reflects both Atlanta’s architectural history and its future. She loves exploring the many communities and neighborhoods and taking part in historic district tours. She recently had a home featured in the Grant Park Tour of Homes and was thrilled to see visitors react to the work. And according to Steven Fortson, Outside Sales & Structural Specialist at BVL, Jacque is fantastic to work with. “She’s free-spirited and open-minded. She has a great energy to be around in such a fast-paced world. Plus, she’s very versatile in her creativity. I’ve seen her do traditional homes, modern homes and, recently, a gothic, medieval type of home.” Steven also loves Jacque’s willingness to help out once the house is under construction: “She’s always available to talk with if I need to understand what the homeowner wanted a specific room to look like. She makes sure the homeowner’s vision always comes through. And she loves to see how the homeowner makes her drawings their own once the house is built.” To find out more about Jacque and Animus Architecture, visit their website. And to meet other partners and influencers in Atlanta, stop by the Brand Vaughan Blog.