Product Spotlight: Sierra Pacific Windows

Product Spotlight: Sierra Pacific Windows

Selecting the right windows for your clients’ homes can make a huge difference in their style, indoor comfort and energy bills. From mega mansions to the wildest contemporary designs, homeowners have gained an appreciation and appetite for all things windows and Brand Vaughan Lumber is rising to the occasion. With the 2021 addition of Allison Cottle, Premium Dept. Manager to our team, BVL is now able to offer our builders a window specialist for all their project needs.

Allison frequently chooses Sierra Pacific Windows due to their solid solutions and array of products that give builders, architects and homeowners plenty of design and budget flexibility. What’s more, is their varied product line and commitment to customer service that make us excited to showcase them in our Product Spotlight series.

Setting Higher Standards with Sierra Pacific Windows

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At Brand Vaughan, we work with builders to supply them with solutions that work best for their customers, whether that’s a traditional double-hung window or a more contemporary slider that offers flexible functionality and expansive glass design.

Today, homeowners have access to so many design ideas through sources like Pinterest and Houzz. “When a builder shares those inspiration images, it’s such a gratifying challenge to help identify what the products are and then to source those windows for our customer” says Allison.

Sierra Pacific products give our customers a range of distinctive styles to consider, from casement to bay window designs to multi-slide styles. All Sierra Pacific products are premium quality and offer high-performing functionality no matter which windows you install. So while the decision might be a challenge, you’re sure to end up with just the right window for your build.

The finishes and materials available from Sierra Pacific are also abundant. “Sierra has provided mostly all my needs, and has enabled me to narrow my vendors down to three rather than seven,” explains Cottle

The range of color options are sure to suit any home’s palette and personality, with materials such as aluminum-clad, all-wood and vinyl to choose from. Sierra Pacific also offers its patent-pending H3 Fusion Technology product, made with a combination of aluminum, vinyl and wood, for a highly durable window.

And if you’re struggling with finding solutions that meet your clients’ expectations, you can always work with our big window design experts to find a product that meets everyones’ needs.

Sierra’s customer service also makes finding the right solution a breeze. “Sierra caters to both the distributor (BVL) and to the builder-customer,” says Cottle. “This is really nice because if there is an issue that needs to be addressed, Sierra has reps in place to handle those issues directly between the builder and the distributor, so if a BVL customer needs a part, I can get the information I need to order and that makes the process frictionless.”

Custom Solutions for Any Space You Design

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Many homeowners updated their home designs this past year, due to the pandemic leaving them stuck inside contemplating current layouts and designs.

You can count on Sierra Pacific to provide current yet classic looks. “Sierra knows what is going on in the market and they meet the needs and trends quickly, whether it's adding new production lines or developing new products,” says Cottle.

These new production lines not only add more design options, but have “directly decreased our lead time, which has been a huge benefit,” Cottle explains.

But updating the window design in our spaces isn’t just a current trend. After all, windows play a large role in the home: They contribute to energy efficiency, enhance exterior style and can help to promote indoor health.

According to the U.S. Green Building Council: “Good ventilation supports our health and can reduce other contaminants that gather in the home, like those created by cooking or cleaning products.” Sierra Pacific Windows offers homeowners and designers a few ways to help with that.

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

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Access to natural light is important for indoor health. Daylighting doesn’t just make a room brighter: “Sunlight has been shown to inactivate some kinds of viruses and kill some kinds of bacteria,” writes Jennifer Wellman-Andryuk for USGBC.

Sierra Pacific Windows’ multi-slide and bi-fold designs give homeowners access to natural light from the outdoors and impressive views with their expansive glass design. Plus, they come in several sliding or folding configurations, depending on the home’s style and personal needs.

Product Spotlight Sierra Pacific Windows 5

Both multi-slide and bi-fold designs create large openings so that the outdoors is easily accessible. They can also function to turn 90-degree corners, for days when you can’t get enough of the nice weather.

The multi-slide and bi-fold window options are some of Sierra Pacific’s most contemporary styles for homeowners who want a window that’s as modern as it is functional.

Complement Any Style

Product Spotlight Sierra Pacific Windows 6

Casement and awning windows from Sierra Pacific both come in aluminum-clad, all-wood, vinyl and fusion technology materials to support any design you want to create. Sierra Pacific also offers Urban Casement and Awning options for a sleek, modern feel to your space.

‘Sierra Pacific offers a range of products from vinyl to wood to aluminum-clad. This goes from economical to high end which makes it nice to meet any project owner’s vision and budget,” says Cottle. Whatever style you desire, there’s an option for you.

Both types of windows can be used in conjunction with other window designs or stand out on their own as a style statement. Casement windows can be opened to 90 degrees for easy cleaning and ample ventilation.

Sierra Pacific awning products give homeowners the option of ventilation, even when it’s raining outside.

Updated Options on Classic Looks

Product Spotlight Sierra Pacific Windows 7

Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly vinyl material or need a more clean, modern profile, there are single- and double-hung styles that fit every home’s personality. For homeowners who prefer specific color palettes for their design, Sierra Pacific also offers a variety of options to choose from when it comes to finish and color. Plus, they make sure their colors stay true in every line.

“One of the things I love about Sierra Pacific is their paint finishes always match consistently from line to line, which is a huge advantage because I can mix materials and styles if I need to and still ensure the products work seamlessly together,” explains Cottle.

Sierra Pacific also provides replacement sash kits that can be sized to fit your existing sash opening. If the current windows in a home are in good condition, just replacing the sash offers a more convenient (and less expensive) approach to window improvement.

Add Style and Charm

Product Spotlight Sierra Pacific Windows 8

Bow and bay window styles from Sierra Pacific add extra space and style to any home. Floor-to-ceiling applications are available for the homeowner who wants the most out of their windows and access to outside views. A bay design in your living space can add extra seating, but also makes a nice addition to the kitchen sink area.

For homeowners who want whimsy in their window design, Sierra Pacific offers a few specialized shapes for the perfect amount of design detail. You can choose from transom, sidelights or other special designs to add a touch of interest and daylighting, anywhere in the home.

Product Spotlight Sierra Pacific Windows 9

Design-Friendly Windows to Suit Any Taste

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Brand Vaughan prides itself in offering builders in the Atlanta metro area an extensive menu of reliable, durable products. We’re proud to sell Sierra Pacific Windows to our customers because they offer an energy-efficient and stylish solution to any home.

We’re committed to giving our customers the right building materials and outstanding service, especially when it comes to designing windows. Take a look at our services and window products, then get in touch with us when you’re ready to start your project — we’re here to help you discover window solutions that match your client’s vision, every time.

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