Meet Brand Vaughan Lumber’s New Vice President of Operations

Meet Brand Vaughan Lumber’s New Vice President of Operations

At Brand Vaughan, we know how important it is to put the right people in the right positions, so when we needed a Vice President of Operations, we thoroughly searched to find the perfect candidate. We’re proud to announce that Jason Tebeau joined our team as our Vice President of Operations in September, so we sat down with him recently to discuss his path and the decisions that led him to Brand Vaughan.

Jason brings a wealth of previous experience in global manufacturing, and his management and operations expertise makes him a perfect choice for the Brand Vaughan family.

Highlights and History

“My background is in rubber and plastics,” says Jason, “I also spent a long time in automotive, but I got pretty burnt out on the industry. It’s very demanding … and the profit margins aren’t that great.”

Jason spent much of his career working in the manufacturing industry for large companies and got a job as a plant manager after getting his MBA. He enjoyed the work but preferred a warmer climate, so he eventually moved to Atlanta to work with a global building materials firm with offices in the U.S.

“CRH is headquartered out of Ireland; they’re a $40 to 45 billion-dollar company,” says Jason. The position, like many of his other roles, meant that his calendar was very booked: he traveled quite a bit while working with organizations like CRH.

Then COVID-19 hit.

“I had two kids in high school, and I needed to do something. I was looking for something locally based,” says Jason. “Then I met Jon.”

Once he and Jon Vaughan connected, Jason realized he wanted to be a part of a more intimate company and, more specifically, the Brand Vaughan family.

Onboarding With Brand Vaughan

Jason started with Brand Vaughan on September 1, 2020. “It’s a great company, and a great culture here,” he says.

The company certainly looks different than the organizations that he’s worked for in his previous roles. “But I hope to bring my experience from global organizations,” says Jason, “so that I can help an organization like Brand Vaughan grow and scale.”

Jason is excited to be a part of the executive leadership team as the VP of Ops. “Utilizing resources wisely is more important when you’re smaller,” he says. “But what I’ve found is that because it’s smaller (at around 210 people), it’s possible to know everyone on a first-name basis. And everyone is very friendly,” says Jason. After working for large companies doing billions in business, the environment is certainly a change — but a change for the better, Jason feels.

Brand Vaughan Lumber Company old logo and sign.


“It’s a private company and it’s family-owned. The priorities are different here at BVL,” says Jason. “We still want to be profitable, but that’s not why we exist. The way that Brand Vaughan cares for its people is quite different from other organizations, and it’s a nice change.”

What Jason Brings to the Table

Jason sees his role at Brand Vaughan as one of enhancing the culture of service that BVL’s customers are used to. “A lot of what we do is based on how well we buy as a distributor, and how efficient we can be,” explains Jason. But he doesn’t want that efficiency to come at the cost of his employees.

“I want to make the company an even better place to work,” says Jason. He sees where he can bring value to the work that Brand Vaughan does so well. “When it’s a smaller organization, you have more opportunities to work with. You can see how the business really works, and kind of cross over into other lanes.”

The global companies Jason has worked in often suffered from being siloed: “Here I can contribute for the better, and see Brand Vaughan as a great opportunity.”

What Customers Can Expect

To help Brand Vaughan develop more efficiencies in the business while planning ahead for additional growth, Jason wants to work with team members closely. “I want to help improve planning methods and will be working with sales. We’ll really focus on what markets are growing, what’s working and how we can better support our customers,” explains Jason.

This kind of streamlining in operations will help BVL improve on the company’s vision for success. And that success should impact the customer experience: For the better, according to Jason.

Brand Vaughan Lumber semi trucks and CDL Drivers


“I hope customers see that there are fewer back orders,” says Jason, “and I hope they see the quality of delivery. We want to help our customers grow and scale with them.”

Challenges Ahead

Atlanta is one of the top ten housing markets in the country, and it continues to grow. “Everybody wants their product right now, with little lead time,” laughs Jason. “There are high expectations here.”

But Jason chose to move to Brand Vaughan because of that challenge. “I enjoy working here so far, and Jon Vaughan’s vision for the company is crystal clear.”

The opportunities available with a smaller business are what makes working at BVL so appealing to Jason.

While Jason gets to know the ropes at BVL, he’s enjoying spending more time in a job that keeps him close to home. “I was flying 50 weeks out of the year. Now I can be home every night for dinner,” says Jason.

Growing With Brand Vaughan

Jason Tebeau Vice President of Operations at Brand Vaughan Lumber

Working at a family-owned company and traveling less has kept Jason’s focus on what’s happening on the home front. “I’m helping to coach and develop the great team that we have here,” says Jason.

When he’s not working, “my weekends are usually filled with soccer,” laughs Jason, whose two high schoolers set the tone for his busy household. “We’re along for the ride.”

Jason’s first few months at BVL have been a big change for him and his family. But he’s looking forward to navigating the challenges ahead with the Brand Vaughan team.

And we’re happy to have him on board.

Brand Vaughan was recently named one of the top places to work in Atlanta. You can find out more about our team here.

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