A Custom Home Builders' Guide: Window Designs and Trends

A Custom Home Builders' Guide: Window Designs and Trends

Brand Vaughan is proud to carry great products that builders in the Atlanta area rely on, and when it comes to windows, we carry and offer our customers the best window product lines available.

When you work with a homeowner or architect who has a specific home design in mind, windows aren’t typically the first priority on their product wish list. But installing the right windows and building with high-performing products can make a difference in your project — and contribute to its success.

Here’s how to find the best window designs available to homeowners today.

Planning Your Customer’s Exterior Design

We talked with Allison Cottle who oversees our Premium Window and Doors Sales at Brand Vaughan Lumber. She’s been at Brand Vaughan for almost two years but has been working with customers in the window and door sector for 20 years now. “I love being in windows and doors,” says Allison. “I can’t imagine doing anything else at this point.”

Allison guides Brand Vaughan’s customers through the process of choosing and installing premium exterior products. You could say she’s our resident expert on code-compliant, high-quality windows.

But the decisions behind building a home aren’t always up to one person, and Allison navigates the process with builders, architects and homeowners alike

“It starts with the plan,” says Allison. “And I’ll actually ask for a Pinterest list from the homeowner to understand the style they’re after.” For example, if your homeowners love expansive, modern glass design, but are remodeling their more traditional, Victorian-style home, a compromise might be needed.

“I talk to homeowners about how they use their home, how they live in it. And we try to determine what makes sense for them,” says Allison. She will also work with builders on finding the best products for their customer’s projects.

The impact that builders have on the aesthetics of a home are often overlooked. With everything that goes into building a quality home, builders have to move quickly in their process, and windows and doors are just a part of that. As a result, they may not always get the attention that they deserve based on their impact on the finished look and feel of a home,” says Allison. She’s there to act as a liaison between the builder and homeowner to help determine the best solutions for the home — and to get your project finished.

Deciding on Windows and Doors

Two builders are installing the wood framing on a two-story home, wearing hard hats and gloves.

Builders want to ensure that homeowners will be happy with their home for the long term. “But what a homeowner likes today might not be the same ten years from now,” says Allison.

Walking through design decisions can be overwhelming for homeowners, so Allison makes sure to ask clarifying questions to help guide them in choosing the right products. “I try to find out where they are in life,” she says. “Are you about to retire? Will the windows or doors be too heavy for you to operate ten years from now?”

Allison brings her knowledge and experience in window specifications to Brand Vaughan’s process so that homeowners are happy with their price tag, and builders can ensure a successful project. “I’ve worked for and with builders and learned window specifications, how windows function, how they’re installed and what builders versus homeowners are looking for,” she explains.

That means that Allison keeps a close eye on trends in window and door designs, especially in the Atlanta area. “It's a funny market,” she explains. “There’s not really a go-to design right now.” Atlanta is known for being bold in home design, and windows and doors certainly play their part in exterior style.

“The architect has a signature on the house, [so] you can tell which architect drew the house by the design,” says Allison. She grew up with a mother who worked in real estate, so Allison is highly familiar with the evolving styles and trends in Georgia homes.

Here’s what’s hot in exterior designs today:

Interior of home, in living space with wood floors and high ceilings. The space is empty and there is a view of the backyard.

More Glass: “People want more glass and less frame,” says Allison. Custom home designs are in high demand, and that means homeowners want a living space they’ll enjoy for the long run. For modern home designs, that means more access to the outdoors, both visual and physical, and premium windows can achieve this kind of design.

Updated Details: Exterior designs are made more impactful with the right details, and these can change over time. “You can determine the era of the home based on what color the trim is,” says Allison. “We’ve gone from white to bronze to black.” Brand Vaughan offers a full menu of trim and finish options for homeowners to work with, no matter what style they’re after.

Curb Appeal: A home’s street-facing exterior design plays a big role in its impact. “Doors are a big statement,” says Allison. “A lot of the door companies have stepped it up to make that happen.” Brand Vaughan offers a full range of door options for homeowners, whether they need something modern or traditional.

Versatile Window Design: To complement a bold front door or custom exterior, builders can help homeowners find whatever style of window they might need to finish their dream home design. Allison has noticed a trend in more stationary windows — “having huge glass windows that don’t open,” she explains, as opposed to a double-hung design.

Whatever style of custom home you’re building, Brand Vaughan works with you to get the job done right. “I play mediator between the builder and homeowner, so everyone’s happy,” says Allison.

Working With Premium Products

“My job is to help the builder build what the homeowner wants,” explains Allison. And in her role, she is highly customer focused — but that often requires Allison to speak a few languages. “The homeowner doesn’t always speak builder, and vice versa,” she laughs.

Because it’s a premium product and service, Allison works closely with customers to make sure they’re getting the solutions they’re after, and that the installation is a success. Jim Hershey, Vice President of Sales at Brand Vaughan, is thrilled to have Allison on the team. “We used to partner with a third party for premium windows at Brand Vaughan. Allison brought expertise to the field, so we became more than just a delivery service,” says Jim.

This warehouse has various lumber materials stocked throughout the space.

Allison also works with all stakeholders on a building project to make sure there’s a real solution in place. “Often, a homeowner will say they want something but the builder may not be able to clearly identify what the homeowner really wants,” says Jim. With supply chain issues slowing down building projects already, ensuring the right solution is in place is key.

Allison ensures that the windows you choose will work with your customer’s design while meeting building codes for performance. “I’m a stickler for codes,” laughs Allison. “It's a passion of mine that we meet codes here.”

That’s one of the reasons Jim is glad to have Allison on the team. “She talks with everyone on projects and brings expertise to every single one,” he says. “When she sells the solution, the solution will work.”

You can build your client’s dream home with doors and windows that are guaranteed to last with Brand Vaughan Lumber. We carry a wide selection of premium window and door solutions, and we’d love to help you build or remodel your next home.

Reach out to us today to get started!

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